Cardiac Problems

Cardiac Problems

The fact is that there is a rise in cardiac problems in both young and old populations alike. Our lifestyles have increased the risk of heart issues. Various reasons cause interference to the proper functioning of the heart. Genetics, food choices, smoking and alcohol intake, and chronic illnesses; all have an impact on heart health.

Heart attack, heart failure, coronary artery disease, arrhythmias, etc. are some of the most common heart diseases.

Heart disease poses a threat to the general health of an individual and has a high mortality rate. Poor management of heart diseases and ignorance of it can cause serious harm to the patient.

Since the onset of coronavirus infections, heart problems are on the rise. The virus causes inflammation to the heart thereby causing organ damage and organ failure. Even patients with mild infections have been shown to bear damage to some extent.

Any heart disorder needs proper, timely treatment and management to reduce progressive risks and to help the patient recover fully and lead a normal life as much as possible.